Wednesday, May 25, 2011


this movie was very enteresting I loved the fact that they never gave up and keped on going and they fineally got back safe and reunited with there family and I  really like this movioe because it actually reminds me of my self i never give up and keep on going and  I wont stop until i get to where i want to be or untill i get what i want.this movie realy inspierd me to never give up and reach for my goals.Its sad at one point well actually the wole movie because they never got to the moon they got realy sick, they were about to die!This movie i rely recomend this movie for a ton of people to will inspire you.There dream was to go to the moon and it really gets you in to the movie because they were about to land but there oxegen tank broke and flouted out in to space and they had to do a lot of things to fix it.They had to move to the lem because there main area  broke.
View of Earth from space

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