Monday, May 16, 2011

my game is finished

 my game is finished and I loved makeing this amazing fun game.I loved working in a team because well I think you get to get more things done and I like makeing things work and moveing fast and geting things done.I am very proud of my self and my team and one thing that I am proud of doing is the last level that I made and I was pround once I finished it.I learned a lot about my self i think this expirience was realy good for me because i think i got to learn alot and see how working in a team would work.I also learned alot about solar energy and how inportant it is takeing care of  our world its amazing how i can learn so much in so little time and I am proud.I also learned how amazing globaloria is and how much globaloria is inprortant to the world and how it is teaching the new generation how to grow up and leave the world in our hands and so we will know how to take care of it once its ours!! So thats what we learned !

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