Monday, January 23, 2012

New Schedules (;

Getting a new schedule is not so bad but , I guess everyone will get used to it when we get by a week . But the Sukey thing about this new schedule is the new reading class which will be twice as much the work !. & a new teacher that everyone is going to have to get used to . This new schedule is okay because i have alto of classes with the people i get along with but i kinda miss the classed that i had with my other friend's o well it's school we are hear to learn not to talk & start drama !. even though sometimes I start some .? ha.'  This new schedule I think will be better for us & for the school I think we will be more organized .

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Favorite Thing That Iv'e Learned About My Topic

WHAT IV'E LEARNED ;The most important thing I learned about my topic was knowing how many people loose there lives for chatting , in boxing , or accepting friend request .I know this story about a girl who hung herself because of mean kid's !.posting on her Face book wall or just uploading mean statuses about her. so that's why I want to make a game about cyberbulling because , I think it's supper important to know what to do if you're being bulled on line or any ware.
WHY ; Most targets are young adults & children because we are the one's who use the Internet the most for being on social web pages . such as Face book ; My space ; twitter & instant chatting you may have friends that don't support you & take you down , well I want every kid & young adult to know that people who take you down & tell you mean thing just to make you feel bad well that kind of people there not there real friend's !.

There just plain mean & there empty or have a high chance of being bullied before so they pick on other kid's because they think it's fun & right they just want you to feel the same way they did . That's why I also want bullies to know that , that hurts other people!?. & That was my inspiration to make this game with this topic . (;

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Time I Spent In Dallas !!!... ;DD

I went to Dallas for winter break to spend time with my family & , we had a really great time i always have a fun time when I spend time with my family. We all ate tamales & menu do which is a Mexican
plate for like a type of soup. We watched Lot's of movies together & went out to eat several times.We also  went shopping after Christmas to get the sales but the thing that didn't really go very well for me was Christmas day!.. I got nothing for Christmas. & my cousins got a Wii . But I was ok' with it at least I got the most important thing for Christmas my family . & all of us together!.  I really enjoyed the time we spent together.! the funny thing was when my cousin came running & broke the camera!. so we did not get to take pictures . O well.. ?! then the weird thing was that he locked himself in the restroom & started to cry because he felt bad that he broke the camera . that was my very exciting Christmas day !..?

The new year !... :DDD..'

I am so.. happy that we have started a new year , that we have started something new some new time , time that we have now to i guess think about all of the mistakes we have made & regret & try to do better & move on!.. I am happy that i still have my family with me. That i still have people to talk to & have confidence in .
         That i still ; for this new year have life & heath. I can still live another year of life & I hope happiness . I hope to accomplish many goals such as ; getting straight A's again & getting perfect attendance but most of all to do better at home & to spend more time with my whole family .
          I hope to make more friends & keep a long friendship with them. I'm not just going to keep talking about what i hope for or what I want but what i am also thankful for having in this new amazing year that God has provided for us. ;
. My family
. My life
. My home
. My school
. My hope & faith
. My new year!!....