Thursday, March 24, 2011

whatever it takes

this movie had lots of emotions happy,sad ,exciting moments. and soo much more !it was a school called the bronx center for math and science and there was so manny entelagant kids and people. but there was also like normal schools truble makers kids who wrot on the walls and also kidws that also god lots and lots of bad grades and .her mom was diaponted when she found out that she was failing lots of her classes. it was the principals first yhea teaching a high school.and he did a verry good job and also after yhears passed she took her test and went on to colloge.the priceipal when he was yonger  he really wanted this lether belt  and after he got out of the store he was shocked and did knot know what he had just done boght a 150 doller belt!i was also suprized to find out about that he was holding a 150 doller belt!and he is a good teacher he wanted everyone to have the same chnces and the same orprutunity to go to college and get a wonderful job in the future ! that was whatever it takes!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

cool math game/rotate and roll

i really liked this game it was a challange and the thing that you have to do is get your little animail in a round ball and i got to level 16 because is was really hard and tghere is lots of levels so that gave me alitlle bit of ideas and the other game i played was blokz it was also a challange because you have to find a way how to put it in a square.


     I really liked this movie it was a adventure movie but really sad also. It was about this boy named jimmy that wanted to go to cailiforna just to remember his sister and that was the sad part because , they thought he was crazy and really all he wanted to do is remember the place whare the place they took a family picture. They went on a trip to go to cailifornis the walked alot and also got alot of rides. Then they saw this girl named Haily and she showed them all the way to a video contest because Jimmy was really good at  playing video games soo they took him to a carnivl and he won 50,000 dollers and there family  and  they passed by cailifornia and then they familly found out that he was not crazy and just loved his sister alot !and after that they became a happy family.

Friday, March 11, 2011

spring break

i really hape to have fun  this spring i want to go to the movies with my freinds and go to the mall and buy a lot of things for spring and even go swimming it will be hot enogh and mabye go on vacation to dallas and be with my familly and i have to do homework to keep my brian active and i wont come back not knowing what to do and then just watch t.v and and just do nothing and ill be on the coomputer and chat with my freinds and go see lots and lots of movies! and play games and  and i would like to finnish off my spring break with a big smile !!!

                               THE END

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


i really have no idea whare i will be in the future we all never know but it would be cool to find out but in 10 or 15 years i really hope to be in a good place with goood people and not with bad people well people that make bad disitions but it wold be cool to know what and how i am going to be in the future but  i what i think i really think that in the future i thinki am going to do reallyl good  in school and i think i am goingt o get a used car for my 16th birthday !and i will learn how to dirve and so then can have freedom and go whare i want to go whenever i want !and in 10 years from now if everything gose fiine i hope to have a lot of education and i hope to get a job and get money to save up for a new car and for a better educatioon and i also hope to be a better /good person and in 15 years i hope to live in a good area and do better in high shool and i will be thinking about the colloge i will go to and stay in school /colloge for a long time so i can be a good doctor and then i will have a better life and  so i can earn more money  annd yhave a good life and be able to support my familly !so that is what i think about my future and when i grow up and what i hope to do and be.!

Monday, March 7, 2011

paper prototype reflection

i think makeing the paper prototype has helped me a lot because now i know what i am going to do and if i did not do anny thing i would of just be sitting in front of the computer and i would not know what to do i would probably be thinking of an idea for hours and hours!but i made a paper prototype so i can look at the drawings and say hey well i can do this on flash ofr this is too hard to i can make it a different way !so i think that makeing the paper prototype really did help me out alot !
   even though makeing the paper prototype was a little bit challangeing but we did it a t the end and i am verry really proud of the work thand all of  the effort that we put in our paper prototype so now that we know what to do i am hping that our game will come out amazing ! makeing the game/paperprototype was long prosses but it was really fun thinking of all of theas ideas that we had  we had a lot of ideas on solar energy we made it into like a action game soo i thought that was really cool to change something/a game that will theach you something a bout solar energy but at the same time and all together you are haveing tons and tons of  fun so I hought that was pritty amazing !

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


our game idea is about solar energy and we really worked hord it is a action game ware you have to shoot . shoot solar panels on homes that do not have solar panels.