Tuesday, March 8, 2011


i really have no idea whare i will be in the future we all never know but it would be cool to find out but in 10 or 15 years i really hope to be in a good place with goood people and not with bad people well people that make bad disitions but it wold be cool to know what and how i am going to be in the future but  i what i think i really think that in the future i thinki am going to do reallyl good  in school and i think i am goingt o get a used car for my 16th birthday !and i will learn how to dirve and so then can have freedom and go whare i want to go whenever i want !and in 10 years from now if everything gose fiine i hope to have a lot of education and i hope to get a job and get money to save up for a new car and for a better educatioon and i also hope to be a better /good person and in 15 years i hope to live in a good area and do better in high shool and i will be thinking about the colloge i will go to and stay in school /colloge for a long time so i can be a good doctor and then i will have a better life and  so i can earn more money  annd yhave a good life and be able to support my familly !so that is what i think about my future and when i grow up and what i hope to do and be.!

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