Thursday, March 24, 2011

whatever it takes

this movie had lots of emotions happy,sad ,exciting moments. and soo much more !it was a school called the bronx center for math and science and there was so manny entelagant kids and people. but there was also like normal schools truble makers kids who wrot on the walls and also kidws that also god lots and lots of bad grades and .her mom was diaponted when she found out that she was failing lots of her classes. it was the principals first yhea teaching a high school.and he did a verry good job and also after yhears passed she took her test and went on to colloge.the priceipal when he was yonger  he really wanted this lether belt  and after he got out of the store he was shocked and did knot know what he had just done boght a 150 doller belt!i was also suprized to find out about that he was holding a 150 doller belt!and he is a good teacher he wanted everyone to have the same chnces and the same orprutunity to go to college and get a wonderful job in the future ! that was whatever it takes!

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