Monday, March 7, 2011

paper prototype reflection

i think makeing the paper prototype has helped me a lot because now i know what i am going to do and if i did not do anny thing i would of just be sitting in front of the computer and i would not know what to do i would probably be thinking of an idea for hours and hours!but i made a paper prototype so i can look at the drawings and say hey well i can do this on flash ofr this is too hard to i can make it a different way !so i think that makeing the paper prototype really did help me out alot !
   even though makeing the paper prototype was a little bit challangeing but we did it a t the end and i am verry really proud of the work thand all of  the effort that we put in our paper prototype so now that we know what to do i am hping that our game will come out amazing ! makeing the game/paperprototype was long prosses but it was really fun thinking of all of theas ideas that we had  we had a lot of ideas on solar energy we made it into like a action game soo i thought that was really cool to change something/a game that will theach you something a bout solar energy but at the same time and all together you are haveing tons and tons of  fun so I hought that was pritty amazing !

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