Tuesday, June 7, 2011

phercy jacson

it was a verry good movie and i would wtach it again and again i probably would not even get tierd of this amazing movie.I really do recommend this movie for people that have read the book before.I also really want to watch this movie again and really get to under stand it more.what i still dont understand is why the gods the fathers and mothers of the yong gods dont to have contact with there young gods there childeren.and the movie was way different from the book but i think that the movie is way better than  the book even if they can put more in the book i think its better to make the story shortter than to read it all and get a bad ending i did not like the ending i thought it was going to be better than just freezing the ugly stinnky guy. i thought they would have a great battle at the end or something so much better. : D

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