Monday, August 22, 2011


              I really loved this movie. This amazing movie taught me alot , That i never knew before I hope to learn more and to find more info on cyberbulling. Now I know that cyberbulling is a big deal and now I know how to identify all of the problems that happen online and if they happen to me . I also know that it is a big deal and that its very scary, important and hard to deal with . If it gets to serious it can really  hurt you or make you feel left out or so depressed that you almost want to kill yourself.  
                                      For example in this movie she almost killed herself because the bulling was getting way to serious. It made her feel depressed and uncomfortable she said that she had no reason to live any more. She had no more life that I was totally and completely over . I've never bully'ed someone online nor do I want to be bulled. It seems to me that it really hurts your feelings and you . Now I
I know how to prevent the bulling if I ever get cyber bulled. You can either talk to an adult , block the person ,can get help from teachers you trust , never open there messages or fight fire with fire , don't  fight back or tell them nasty things back they will know that it bothers you and so they will try to keep doing it back and forth and back and forth non stop! And it will never end.that's the deal with   .................................. CYBERBULLYING!       TO LEARN MORE ABOUT CYBERBULLYING CLICK  HEAR

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