Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Nonprofit , Peace Park

   Peace park is my nonprofit , because I felt like I found out allot more information than the other non profit's and I wanted the topic environment , and this is the nonprofit that i felt taught me more about the environment and , I also love what they did , for there park . I think that them name peace park was perfect because there neighborhood park was being shut down and they , protested and renewed there park and now it just looks peaceful , and a awesome place for kids and for the family. ''I hear they have a great picnic area.'' 

    This nonprofit , is going to make a great game , for people to lean to not only recycle or take care of you're world , but you can make a big change if you take place in small things like this one. Take the park for example not only did they help some part of the earth , but they also made people happy. People now have a place where they can go and have fun ,Get fresh air.A place where there is now peace.They accomplished so many things for there park.

     They planted about 500 trees , and all like 20 different species .They also planted 10 large oak trees. They made so many accomplishes , how you may ask ''?'' They raised money from the neighborhood , so There are so many things that we can do to help , all we have to do is look around. If there neighborhood did why, wouldn't you ? . simple if you can just get everyone together.

  '' ... And if you try you can also have a peace park !.''

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