Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter break

I went to Mexico fro the winter break it was really fun I got to see my cousins and my family I got to open my gifts and eat menudo and tamales.they where Poping fire works  that sacerd the dog. and my uncle got drunk and he fell asleep fast! and we went down town and ate Chile and lots of other fun sweet things I've never ever ate before! that was fun for Christmas I did not get what I wanted I got glitter pens and a notebook o and 10$ from my aunt yep yhea not what I wanted but I still had fun.My cousins got fin gist my 8 year old causing got like 2 control cars that he played with all night then we broke the pinata that was in a shape of a star o I ate like 50 pieces of candy that night I was on a shuger rush until 3:00 in the morning.that was fun too.So it was crazy but  fun and funny!!

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