Friday, November 30, 2012

Presenting my game

when I presented it was okay because , well also really easy because I just got up there and said my name , the name of my game and well said all the game ing. I added to it and I think , I hope I got a good grade.

Monday, November 26, 2012

present hidden object game

The big idea for my game is , well that you have to take care of the earth , by doing one little thing picking up trash from the forest ,and also saving the animals in the forest that are being affected. I was very interested in this subject , because every year when we did games for natural disasters i did mine on global warming and pollution is a part of what causes global warming so I like to do a'lot of things that involve saving our planet .I did a'lot of research on this topic ,and I found out that there are a'lot of fun facts about this topic and just plain facts that were very helpful and useful . I had this big idea that started to change little by little . My idea was to have a'lot of trash around a big river.So when I tarted on my prototype , I started to draw a rain forest and it came out awesome so i thought why not do something that I'm good at drawing ,and well there is also pollution in the rain forest so it fit's perfect.When I started to draw my trash ,and nasty stuff that's polluting the rain forest . I also started to also draw animals like : fish , flamingo , fly . . . 

I thought that was perfect also , because there are animals in the rain forest , on's and ton's of them and they are the one's that are being affected , so why not rescue them from all of that pollution.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


As you should know , our dear friend , president of the U.S . Obama won the elections last night . I'am so excited to see all that he can do and overcome. Our new beginning , our new start of four more years.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Adding Game Ingredients

This was hard , for me . There were ton's of challenge's and obstacle's to overcome . I also try'ed my best , and I overcame all of the obstacle's that were in the way  . It was hard but I did it , it was had work watching tutorials and , helping other's . Doing code's over and over again until , I got all of them right . The best part of the whole process was getting everything right .